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Commissions Open!

We provide art services especially for small creators, with affordable prices and high quality!

About Stress Space Studio

Founded in October 2023, by two passionate
frog artists, Wawa and Wheezy.
Together, we aim to make your dreams come true.

Meet wawa & Wheezy

wawa & Wheezy

We're creators who are as passionate as you are
That's why we understand your needs and wants

About us

With great determination, we've teamed up to bring you only the best experience!


Anime Artist / WEbsite Specialist

EN/TH OKStrawberry poison dart frog artist who doesn’t bite (and won’t bite). Loves doing cute art and websites.

  • 2 years working with websites (SEO + website building)

  • 1 year making carrd websites


pixel artist / Animator

EN/KR OKFrog artist specializing in pixel art, graphic design, and motion graphics. Could have turned pro if he’s more serious about gaming lol

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Ilustrator

  • Adobe After Effects

  • Blender

  • Aesprite

  • Valorant

  • Hearthstone


These are the types of service we're providing.
If you don't find what you're looking for, please contact us!

Carrd website

Please choose one package for custom carrd website.

Basic$50 USD
Pro$70 USD
Elite$100+ USD
+ Deco$10+ each
No. of pages3 pagesUnlimitedUnlimited
UI design provided
Basic form
Custom form
Custom font
Carrd planPro litePro lite/ standardPro plus

^ carrd deco examples ^

PNGTuber & Vtuber

We currently offer only model art.
Commercial usage right is included.

Chibi PNGTuber$60 USD
Halfbody PNGTuber$80+ USD
Fullbody PNGTuber$110+ USD
Vtuber model art$200+ USD
+ Additional expression$10 USD each
+ GIFTuber+ $50 USD
+ PNGTuber plus part separation+ $30 USD

Reference sheet

Character design and reference sheet service. There'll be 1 rendered fullbody sketch and the others will be colored sketches. Graphic design is provided.

Reference sheet (front + side profile)$150 USD
+ Back profile+ $40 USD
+ With / Without jacket view+ $40 USD
+ Character design+ $60 USD

Chibi art

Cute chibi art for all streamers!

Icon$20 USD
Fullbody illust$50 USD
PNGTuber$60 USD
Vtuber model$150+ USD
Static emote$30 USD
Animated emote$45+ USD
Panel$30 USD
Animated alert$50+ USD

Pixel art

Cool pixel art with playful vibes!

Coming soon-

Motion graphic

Animation service for art that has separated parts ready

Coming soon-


More examples are coming soon~

Carrd websites


Terms of Service

Upon commissioning, you have accepted to the following terms and conditions

  • Design must be ready. If not, there will be an additional design fee

  • Communication will be via email, Twitter, or Wawa's personal discord

  • Response may not be immediate

  • WIP images will be sent to client throughout the process (except for surprise commission type)

  • Stress Space Studio members may post WIP images on social modia with approval from the client

  • Credits must be given to Stress Space Studio

  • The completed commissioned work may be posted on social media, depending on client's agreement. If the client would like it to not be posted, a privacy fee of 50% total payment may apply

  • Payment must be made 100% upfront and will be via Paypal

  • Payments are in USD

  • There would be no refund, except there's an error on our side

  • All works are not permitted to use for AI training, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), or cryptocurrencies

  • All works come with commercial usage rights, but for merchandise, a fee of 50% total payments may apply

Do & don't

  • Original character

  • Vtuber

  • Humanoid

  • Animal

  • Furry

  • Mecha/Armor

  • Muscular people

  • Fanart

Commission Us

You can DM us on Twitter or Discord, make a request on Vgen, or fill in this form

Carrd website request

Other commission request

Frequently ASked Questions

If you can't find the answer to your question, please contact me directly!

Basically it goes like this: briefing > sketch/draft > payment > deliver first draft > 2 revisions > final delivery!
Please note that we'll start working after payment only!

I have a list of things I'll ask from you: your character design, carrd inspo/reference, your current website, and purpose of your carrd. I'll also ask if you'd like me to draw you website decorations (like buttons). Later on, I may ask you for your social media links and content to put in the website!

We do! Please give us a briefing and we can discuss~